Welcome to my new homepage

It was time for me to make a personal homepage, and a few hours exploring blogdown and the Hugo Academic theme later, here we are! At the time of writing this post, the page is still under construction, and more things will be added as we go. But it’s a start!

A few years ago, during my time as a student, I started the webpage Frisk og Funksjonell. There I, together with some fellow students and colleagues, published blog articles (in Norwegian) on different topics related to nutrition, health and science. That page will of course remain, as it serves it’s purpose as a useful resource when these topics needs refreshing. Some of my older articles will probably also appear in english here at some point.


Overview of my academic contributions

The main purpose of this page is to to maintain an updated overview of my academic work, including my publications, conference presentations, my notes from courses and conferences, teaching material, my media appearances etc. You will also find an updated cv, and of course my contact information.

Resource collections

In addition, I plan to create and maintain lists of resources I find useful, such as blogs/webpages, talks and papers.


I also plan to maintain a blog, with more or less regular posts on different topics, both in the form of articles, updates or short comments. Suggestions are very welcome!

Vegard Lysne
Postdoctoral researcher

Clinical Dietitian and postdoctoral researcher. See more about Vegard.

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