This is a list of my presentations and posters at conferences and meetings.


Nordic Nutrition Conference 2020, Online

This poster presents data from a paper investigating the association between intakes of dairy products and clinical outcomes in a cohort of patients with established cardiovascular disease.

Sunn Idrett konferansen 2020, Oslo, Norway

This talk on critical thinking, with a focus on how we are being misled by our own experiences and observations, was given at the annual conference organized by Sunn Idrett, a focus area of The Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (Norges idrettsforbund). In the presentation I touch upon topics like anecdotal evidence, regression towards the mean, survivorship bias, and how to deal with all the conflicting information on the topics of diet and exercise.

Mohn Nutrition Research Laboratory seminar, Solstrand, Bergen, Norway

This was the first seminar organized by the Mohn Nutrition Research Laboratory. I presented a workshop on the topics of P-values and statistical significance. The main goal was to reflect on our current approach, and discuss how we may improve.


FASEB meeting on Folic Acid, Vitamin B12 and One-carbon metabolism, Halifax, Canada


11th International Conference on Homocysteine & One-carbon metabolism, Aarhus, Denmark

Vegard Lysne
Senior Advisor

Clinical Dietitian, PhD. See more about Vegard.